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It is June 16, 2007. This is the part of our yard where the labyrinth will be.  The house is in the upper right; the house in the center and the barns belong to the neighbor.  The road is out of the picture to the left.


It is June 19.  The mulch is arriving in the rain.  Two pallets, 67 bags each weighing 40 pounds, from Missouri.  In the next picture, you can almost see the bags stacked behind a tree to the right.


It is June 25. The circle of the labyrinth is marked out and has been treated to kill the grass.   But I realize I can’t let the lawn come right up to the edge – grass will grow there and it will be messy to trim.  I need a garden border.

It is July 10, the six-month anniversary of Graig’s suicide.  It is the day I am setting up the web site for the first time. Not much has changed at the labyrinth site, but I have installed the tiller on the big tractor with the help of our friend Steve. The next picture will show some progress: the garden border will be tilled.