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It is August 30, 2007. The stone destined for the center of the labyrinth got loaded on the stoneboat before I thought of the camera. Friend Steve insisted on being my safety observer, but I moved this stone myself. Graig taught me a lot about the use of physics and tools. 

The big tractor was needed to pull this heavy stone. With Steve as an observer, I can include photos with me in them! He will have to do more than observe, however; moving this stone is more than I can do alone. We can only get it near the labyrinth before it gets dark today.

It's Labor Day, appropriately. Getting this stone placed will be work!

With a combination of plywood and pipes for rollers, I can move the stoneboat across the cloth without damaging it. Steve is offering engineering advice and placing pipes.



I still managed to do almost all the work myself, including this last pull to the center. I could not have done this a year ago, but I joined a gym and have been working out and taking Pilates classes.


With very little effort, a lever will raise the stone so I can prop it up with blocks. When it is lifted high enough on one side I will be able to tip it over right where I want it with the peevee, a log-moving tool that works with stones, too.


At the end of the day, the center stone stands in place on its pedestal of hardwood, waiting for the paths to assemble around it.

Steve and I walk the labyrinth together. It's a sad, solemn time remembering Graig, my husband, our friend.