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It is September 27, 2007. I'm thrilled to see my neighbor Judy approaching with a rock for the labyrinth! Not only that, she collected it at a place very special to Graig and me. I hope this will be just the first of many contributions.  

In a half an hour I have placed stones I brought back from a New England road trip with my aunt and ones Steve and I collected at a fossil location special to me. Now I realize I need to label and catalog these stones!

More rocks from home have been placed.

These are rocks and fossils we collected over the years. They have been waiting in the gardens for this final destination.



It's October 1 and I am collecting rocks from the neighbor's. I'm washing all the rocks to avoid having dirt in the labyrinth, which will lead to weeds. I have the feeling my original estimate of 504 rocks is way off!