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It is November 3, 2007. Steve and I are at the Stevens farm in Griag's hometown, collecting rocks from their hedgerows. We also took three special stones from my friend Grace's stone wall - Graig grew up with her six children.

It is November 5. The center circle is completed with New Columbus, Pennsylvania stones. It is time to start the mulch.

Some bags of mulch laid out ready to spread. I did the center first because I couldn't wait to see it with the mulch.

This mulch has waited since June to be spread, and the sunlight has degraded the bags. Some of them split as I move them.



The mulch really makes a difference! I hadn't thought about the leaves. I had to blow them out of the paths and from between the stones. Not sure how I'll deal with them falling every year.


Half done! I can envision how it is going to look now.