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October 21, 2007. This is a nice load of rocks I gathered from Mike, a co-worker's, rock pile. I just can't resist the lure of rocks! When he offered, I was hooked.  

The paths are really filling in now.

In the foreground by the entrance are some of the flat rocks I moved out of the outer ring in favor of taller ones. I'll use them in the landscaping of the garden around the outside.

Half of the labyrinth is done!

There is a gap in the outer ring here - I am still moving these stones. I rearrange my gardens more often than I rearrange my furniture! This space is waiting for a special rock donated by my grandson Dillon.



October 22. All that remains is the inner circle. I'm going to travel to Graig's rural home town and gather rocks there from the hedgerows of his family friends for this part. Then I will put down the rubber mulch and the labyrinth will be complete! But not finished - I'm hoping that it will evolve with stones brought by friends to replace some of the plain ones from my rock pile.