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It is July 16, 2007. I have tilled the garden around the labyrinth.† It is the first time I have used the tiller on the big tractor, and I wasnít doing something right.† Then I saw the neighborís John Deere group across the street, and I asked for help.† Ed showed me that I was going too fast and I canít till in a circle.†

It is July 17.† Iím enjoying loading this nice compost on the truck.† (OK, itís horse manure and wood shavings Ė but well rotted!)†

I am learning a lot about how to operate the tractor.† The first time I used it to put stuff in the truck, I dented the bed.†

The truck is heavily loaded!† Still, this wonít be enough to level the labyrinth circle and cover the garden.

I realize that I have planned and designed this labyrinth without ever seeing or walking one.† I am going forward on faith.

Itís hard work to unload this truck!† For the rest of what I need, Iím going to try driving the tractor back and forth with a loaded bucket.† Not today, though! †I am exhausted.

Tomorrow is July 18th.† It would have been our 26th wedding anniversary.